Wild Zero

General Info:

The Mitsubishi A5-M was the primary carrier based fighter of the Imperial Japanese Navy throughout the Sino-Japanese war. It was the Navy’s first monoplane fighter, and one of the first all-metal stressed-skin aircraft built in Japan. It demonstrated excellent speed and maneuverability. Over Nanking in December 1937, A5M pilots destroyed ten Chinese I-16B fighters for no Japanese loss. It was produced in four models, A5M1 to A5M4. A total of 1,094 A5M’s and derivatives were built during the period 1937-43. They were carried aboard the Carriers: Akagi, Hosho, Kaga, Ryujo and Zuiho. They participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the ill-fated Battle of Midway in the first three carried named above were lost.

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