Wil Havolind

Wil Havolind, 42.

A man without a country, and lying low.

Among friends, those he's flown with into fire, he'll occasionally let slip a tale of flying with the Lafayette Escadrille in the Great War, then being shot down and having to "work with what was on hand" to get back to Entent forces. That he took two years to do this, and caused the Germans a profound amount of trouble in the process is something that can be pieced together from his anecdotes about insurgencies.

On different occasions members of the squadron have heard Havolind speak in French, German, or even some Indian language one, when caught with their pants down by Injun bootleggers. What was surely shaping up to be their own small version of Custer's Last Stand at that godforsaken airfield turned into the boys parting with smiles and fuel tanks topped off.

Havolind is a talker, and he seems to always know some guy, some map, some story, some route, or some obscure bit of knowledge that keeps the current bedlam from turning into the Great Exit.

Over a pint he'll speak fondly about the streets of the Windy City, the wheatfields outside Munich, the upper ranges in Lakota Territory, the white marble halls of Columbia, or the arty emplacements along the Devil's Slide from St. Louis to Memphis with equal aplomb. Walking into a pub with him, those he's flown with never know if the evening will end in a brawl, a quiet anonymous respite, or everyone in the place gathered around quiet reverence and a beggars stew of emotions brought forth by a story of the Great Republic, now gone.

A side of himself he shows only very rarely, Havolind is an unapologetic Unionist; he harbors a profound animosity for the forces that brought forth the Disunited States. With no sovereign state to give his allegiance to, he gives it to his mates, his squadron, those he's flown into fire with.

He carries on his person a Lincoln Silver Eagle, one of those rare coins minted during the death throes of the Republic, in hopes of keeping that great man's dream of Union alive.

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