Session Summaries

Session 8: "(Title)" Friday March 8th

Green Aviation's Coded Transmission This message was morse code and read: Gholyhu sdfndjh yld xvxdo urxwh VWRS Sdbphqw zloo eh zdlwlqj VWRS Eh zdub ri hbhv VWRS Orfdo dvvhwv srvvleob frpsurplvhg VWRS
The group was able to determine that it was a simple three shift Substitution Cipher and were able to decode it to read: Deliver package via usual route STOP Payment will be waiting STOP Be wary of eyes STOP Local assets possibly compromised STOP

Then trace call, but operator wouldn't tell them who placed the call, and moments later the tapped line rang with the operator informing Green Aviation of someone calling from the number of the building next to the groups hideout asking who just called there. (End of Session)

Session 7: "(Title)" Wednesday-Thursday, March 6-7th

Session 6: "The Russkie Gambit/Border Jumping" pt. 2 Wednesday, March 6th (early morning)

Unsure what exactly to do, Wil calls Potter and relays a summary of events. Potter agrees with Wil's initial assessment, and to head towards the last agreed-upon rendezvous point. They do so, and meet up with Kenshaw and his crew, and begin to take the long flight home.

While flying, Wil is contacted by Howell Airfield. Wil, a little worried after everything going on, asks to switch to a different radio channel, and when he (and everyone else) does so, he's told that there was a fire at Howell, and that Smoky was hurt. They're pissed, but when Kenshaw asks if McCormick wants to ditch and see what's up, Wil explains that they had a job to do first. They see Kenshaw and his suspicious goods off, then return to the base.

There was a fire, alright, but it wasn't the McCormick Group's base that was torched — rather, it was (insert name here — I forgot, whoops!), across the way, and it looked like an explosion. McCormick Group's base WAS, however, tossed. No stone was left unturned; the place was a wreck. Eli went to the hospital to see if Smoky was alright, while Jake, Reginald, Brenden, and Wil all looked for clues and information.

While at the hospital, Eli learned that a potential suspect - Lars Johnson - was missing. He called Howell and let Reginald know to look for the guy, then passed out while waiting for Smoky to get out of surgery. When he does, Eli is awoken, and the verdict is bad — broken arm, broken ribs, shot in the leg, beaten nearly to a pulp. Smoky isn't going to be waking up any time soon.

Time passes once again; sleep comes for some, but not for others. In the morning, (I forget who again!) found a burnt piece of paper with the message "We want whats ours - CW" (again, forgot the exact words). Certain that it's Crimson Wilds that torched the place, the group goes out searching. They decide to check up on who this Lars guy was, and start to toss his car, when they notice the trunk is jammed. Popping it open reveals none other than Lars himself, wielding a crowbar. He tries to get everyone to calm down, then explains that he was hit on the head the previous night, and stuffed in the trunk. No one can figure out why.

Meanwhile, Wil (and who else?) go to Cyrus Potter's, discuss how the mission went, and get Keely on the phone to wire the money to a nearby bank, which Potter sends several of his goons to retrieve. After congratulating them (sort of), Potter hands over the documents. As far as Wil can tell, they're as real as real can be. Keely will be happy to hear.

Session 5: "The Russkie Gambit/Border Jumping" Tuesday, March 5th

Basic outline to be filled out by whoever:

The morning begins as usual; Neil and Nikolai cleaning up our busted ships, Anko in bed with a hangover, everyone else relaxing or working. Then the phone rings. Eli picks it up; it's Keely, and he has some information. He's got people watching Cyrus Potter, and they tell Keely that Potter just closed a very big deal, procuring documents that let him more easily cut through Kentucky to deliver cargo fast. Keely wants those documents, and he wants them fast. The mission is clear.

Eli lets Keely know they'll do everything they can, but that they need to know what the price is going to be like — what Keely is willing to foot, that is. Keely states he's willing to go in for 150,000, with a bonus if they can haggle Potter down to lower, but that if it becomes absolutely necessary he can go up to 175,000. Eli hangs up and lets everyone know what's going on, and together they work out a plan.

McCormick is going to represent the interests of an unnamed powerhouse corporation or group, with Nikolai acting as a representative of that group, with all the people involved implying as strongly as possible without directly stating that McCormick got hired overseas. The goal is to entice Potter with the promise of serious international work.

They head out and meet with Mr. White, and then Cyrus Potter. The meeting goes poorly at first, with Potter being naturally skeptical of the group and their sudden arrival, but everyone manages to keep business on his mind, and through haggling McCormick accepts $155,000 — plus their assistance as security in a delivery and pickup, since Potter has had several pieces of cargo snagged recently (one of them, unbeknownst to him, by the McCormick Group). He says he'll give more information later, around 7 or 8.

Time passes; when Potter, Wil picks up. They're going to meet cargo pilot Peter Kenshaw and an escort fighter in Indiana, then head north. Kenshaw fills them in upon meeting, and it doesn't look good; the path goes dangerously close to the ISA/PC border line. He assures them that there won't be any trouble. In fact, the flight itself is as he says and goes off without a hitch despite the lack of light.

The problem manifests itself, instead, when they land. The contact never shows. They have to go west, across the border, to an airfield 40mi west of Fargo. They nearly run into a patrol heading north, but slip by undetected. The contact that they meet with are using People's Collective-marked planes, and in addition to very familiar-looking cargo, two men with military bearings are hussled onto Kenshaw's plane.

During the return flight, Jake spotted some ISA guardsmen, as did Kenshaw, who ordered the Avenging Angels to distract the guards while Kenshaw and his escort escaped. After the usual "we're doing night-flying tests, unfamiliar territory, just a training exercise" the group was shuffled off to a nearby airfield, meaning the groups were split. After discussing what to do, Wil received a letter stating where to go next.

Session 4: (Part 2) "Furball^2" Sunday, March 3rd

Session 4: (Part 1) "Furball" Sunday, March 3rd

Session 3: (Part 2) "New Moon" Sunday, March 3rd

Session 3: (Part 1) "The Green Gambit" Sunday, March 3rd

-Keely delivers four brand new planes instead of used ones in exchange for work.
-He dug up info that the cargo for Green Aviation is destined for the Peoples Collective.
-Wants you to meet up with Robert Chase (who's watching the hanger).

Session 2: "Cyrus Potter's Mystery Cargo" Saturday, March 2st

We learned a bit more about our little home Howell Airfield: there are six small companies that make their home at The Howell, two of which besides our own do minor security work. "Old Man' Sam MacNeal sees to the day-to-day running of the field. Wesley Hopkins and his son run Hopkins Aviation, a two-plane outfit looking for small jobs. Gideon DeWitt has a small parts shop at the airfield, and Thornton Howell owns the field and can be caught on occasion in his office seeing to the business of his fields or tinkering with his fairly expanse collection of Military memorabilia and weapons. Overall the field is well run but minor and kind of out-of-the-way.

Some of us took a trip over to Cyrus Potter's junkyard in Dalton, to see about getting some parts to fix some of the damage our birds have. Potter's place is definitely a junkyard, but a square acre of it looks as if it were a southern plantation, dropped right int he middle of it, complete with Mr. White, a man of color who sees to guests and settles appointments in his simple, slow fashion for Mr. Potter. Potter is the man for parts in our area, and known to be a bit of an underworld figure as well.

Our parts ( replacement gun and materials for body repair ) would come to 1.3k… a lot of money, but a fair price for what we were looking for. Not having that on hand, we took Potter up on the offer of a job running cargo from Lansing airport up to Dacy Airfield, just outside of Harvard IL. the job paid a credit of $800 on the parts we needed from Potter, and soon all of us were up in the air headed to Lansing.

The cargo was sealed, with the usual squirrely manner being in evidence by the man from Green Aviation who handed off to us. Signed and sealed, the flight to Dacy was mostly uneventful except for some nasty weather and an interrogatory from a Blake Flight, licking their wounds from a previous scrap with the Sundowner's Crimson Wilds ( pirates out of the People's Collective ).

At Dacy we unloaded, and Jake noticed that our cargo bore a striking resemblance to that which Talbot had taken possession of just before he was gunned down. We opted not to push it, instead getting some vittles from the lovely Abigail Long and then putting them up and headed back to Howell. On the return trip we were almost ordered down by Blake, but talked our way out of it by the skin of our teeth.

After putting down at Howell we saw to finish up business with Potter, collecting our new gun and parts and getting to work straight away on repairs. Earlier we'd also talked to the Sheriff about our mysterious missing truck, and Wil called Keely and told him about developments with the mystery cargo. Keely was quite interested, and told us he'd pay a bonus for any more info. He also mentioned that our new planes, payment for the job a few days before, should be at Howell in a day or so.

Session 1: "New Beginnings" Friday, March 1st

Meet Alexander Keely at ISA air expo in Chicago.
Get info about job and meet new team members Smokey and Eli.
First glimpse of Silas Berrenger since (INFO).
Meetup with Keely at restuant and introduced to Stephen Talbot who gives us the job info.
Head to airfield and get envelope from Talbot, who is gunned down moments later by security.
Wil Havolind calls Keely and is told to open envelope (There are two inside, one says 'Zeus') then meets with Keely and gives him the envelopes.
Rest of group takes round-a-bout way back to evade possible tails.
Wil trashes plates and torches truck at quarry and reports stolen in the morning.

Session 0 ( Starting Characters, tactical introduction )

Session -1 "Let's play Crimson Skies"

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