Reginald Summerfield

Player: Leif
Alias: 'LT'
Age: 45
Race: White (English)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 175

Lt. Summerfield is an ex-patriot from England, a seasoned soldier that fought in the great war against the German's. He led a small squad doing demolitions work in tandum with the Russians. After his brief service during the war, he attempted to make a career of his service, however it wasnt long before he found himself 'disagreeing' with his fellow officers and was quietly drummed out of the service. He was 'honorably' discharged as a Leftenant but previous had achieved the rank of Captain, but after a series of reprimands he was demoted and shortly after was discharged, but in such a way fitting of a war hero.

After his bout in the service he decided to take it upon himself as a pilot, previously during the war he worked as a squad leader for a bunch of ground pounding grunts. Although he was an effective leader, most of the men under his service passed away. If working with explosives during this time was dangerous, laying mines and rigging bridges on the fringes of enemy territory was damn near suicidal.

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