Ravenscoft Coyote

The Coyote—based on a custom-built plane produced by the Hopi at Second Mesa—was designed as a multi-role aircraft and is quite capable, even when facing most aircraft dedicated to single roles. In order to fill the needs of the various tribes of Native America, the Coyote serves as a spotter and bomber, and as a gunship.

The prototype Coyote was completed and tested in late 1931; by mid-1932, it had come to the attention of the Navajo Council of Elders, who arranged for its theft. The prototype was quickly torn apart and studied, and within six months, Ravenscroft Industries—a Navajo-owned company—had received the design schematics and begun production at its Farmington plant.

The Coyote’s armaments include two Durango Arms .70-caliber cannons and four .40-caliber- machine guns. When augmented by a full complement of rockets and bombs, the Coyote is a formidable combatant.

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