Navajo Nation

Two islands remain of the wide spaces once roamed by the American Indians. Considered closed nations, the Navajo and Lakota Sioux violently defend their remaining territory. Though the Navajo Nation's borders are well defined, no one knows exactly how far Lakota influence extends into the former states of Montana and Wyoming.

The Navajo Nation has a much more flexible policy with outside traders than does the Lakota (which is much more rigidly isolationist); however, in the matter of bootlegging, the Navajo are fiercely determined. The nation’s "dry" policies are total, and any foolhardy smuggler attempting to transport or sell alcohol in Navajo territory is dealt with harshly.

Currently, the leadership of the Navajo nation is unknown; clearly, it is governed by a tribal council, but who is actually on it is unknown. The Navajo tendency to deny access to outsiders has made "Native America" a mystery.

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