Lars Johnson

Player: Gregory

Age: 38
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 280lbs

The only son of Russian and German professors at the University of Chicago. Lars grew up in Hyde Park with a nice lifestyle. By nature he was always a skeptical and cautious individual - always putting his faith in machines rather than people.

By his early 20s Lars was a drifter doing odd jobs like fixing bikes, cars, and motorcycles. Eventually he would start to rebuild his own bikes and motorcycles to later sell. It wasn't long before he realized that maybe that it was quicker to just steal the bikes than build them. In addition to Eventually Lars moved on from stealing bikes to taking anything that wasn't tied down. Lars developed a relationship with his fence that grew over several years.

After several years his fence would realize that low-level robbery wasn't going anywhere, so he wound up in another business: Aviation. Needing a top-notch mechanic to keep the planes running he turned to Lars. Lars switched gears from fixing bikes and motorcycles to fixing planes and anything else that moves. Lars would eventually learn to fly what he fixed and the two of them become a good team moving cargo from point A to point B. That is until Lars woke up one day in the trunk of his boss's car to find out that his old friend was brutally murdered.

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