Jake Sullivan


Player: David

Age: 24
Race: White
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs


Jake first learned to fly at age 12 when he went up with his dad, Oswald, crop dusting the family farm. It was a thrill, for sure, but as tough times fell upon the country, the farm became less profitable and even less sustainable. Crop dusting, in particular, became too expensive, and Jake found himself grounded.

Tired of seeing his family struggle, Jake ventured out on his own, heading toward the city. His idea was to get work, perhaps in a factory or an office, and send home any extra money. It was a noble plan, but ultimately it wouldn't work out as he intended, as work of any sort was rare. Jake didn't want to return home a failure, but he had simply gone from one struggle to another. Only the locale had changed.

Hungry and desperate, Jake turned to theft to get by. It started small — a loaf of bread or some fruit to keep himself from starving — but before long he realized how easy it was, and when he came across individuals who would pay for stolen goods, he settled right in. He started sending cash back to his folks. It wasn't much, but it was a start. Of course, as far as they were aware, he was working in a ball bearing factory in the city.

Then Jake met Mitch Mitchelson. Jake was fairly certain that wasn't his real name, but he liked the guy nonetheless. And Mitch had a plan. He had some contacts who were very interested in acquiring some goods, and quickly. But not just any goods — airplanes. Jake clued Mitch in that he knew how to fly, and while Mitch acted surprised, the gleam in his eye suggested he already knew.

Without a real job to hold him down in Chicago, Jake went with Mitch out west, toward the border of the Industrial States and the People's Collective. Mitch declared himself a patriot, and a true ISA patriot is a capitalist. His plan was to sneak over the border, steal some planes, repaint the markings and sell the planes to his "clients." Whether or not the clients knew the planes were stolen, Jake never knew because he never personally met with them. But the transactions certainly took place because Jake was paid promptly, and very well. Finally, he'd be able to really help his family get back on their feet.

The money started flowing back home, and Jake was pretty proud of himself for being able to help out as much as he was. But soon enough, Jake's older brother, Elmer, starting questioning where the money was coming from. Jake shrugged it off, saying he got a promotion to supervisor at the factory. But Elmer was incredibly jealous of Jake's accomplishment, and his suspicions grew to the point where he followed Jake to find out what was really going on.

When Elmer discovered the true source of Jake's income, the entire plan fell through, despite Jake's good intentions. Elmer stopped short of turning Jake over to the authorities, but he revealed to their parents what Jake was up to and, not wanting anything to do with a criminal, the entire family stopped talking to him.

Once more alone, and this time outcast, Jake looked for a way to redeem himself. He stumbled upon a small aviation company called McCormick Group and realized he could put his skills to good use more legitimately — though he could still overlook the occasional theft, as long as it's from the bad guys.

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