Ford Hoplight

One of the dominating security and combat autogyros of North America, the Ford Hoplite was originally designed to protect company properties in the Industrial States of America from the infamous gangs operating in the I.S.A. It was so successful at this that it was welcomed by the markets of Hollywood, the Empire State, and Pacifica, and has found its way onto the used aircraft markets of the world. Heavily armed for a civilian autogyro, the nimble Hoplite is used for dozens of security conscious companies across the continent.

The Ford Corporation is as subject to air piracy as any other large company, but is in a position to do something about it. Designed and prototyped in only 6 months, the Hoplite was Ford's answer to a series of air raids in the summer of 1934. The concept of a combat-capable autogyro was still in infancy, and the nimble Hoplite was a shock to the next batch of air pirates to attack Ford manufacturing plants in the I.S.A. After proving the Hoplite against the immediate problem, Hoplites were used by the Ford Falcons to clear out a few pirate nests in Appalachia, and then released on the private market. Buyers from across the Continent snapped up the scrappy little 'gyro, from as wide a selection as Colossal Studios and Imperial Taxi Service.

The Ford Corporation, one of the nation's leading car manufacturers, was incredibly disappointed in the rise air travel in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Ford found itself the leader in a rapidly declining market, and had to scramble to retool for the changing market. Instead of trying to cut out a place in the new airplane market, Ford took the autogyro to its heart, determined to make the autogyro as common as the automobile once was. They've nearly succeeded, and autogyros are probably the average man's air transport of the future.

Hoplites are superior strike craft in urban and mountainous terrain. Their maneuverability, short take-off and landing requirements, and low stall speed allow them to blast pirates out of the hilly maze of Hell's Heights and gives them an excellent chance in any angle dogfight.

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