Eli Gray

Born: August 23rd, 1911 in what is now Appalachian Territory
Height: 5'11"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown/Blonde
Eli is the younger of two boys from Michael and Lisa Gray. His brother, Arthur, was born in 1903. Michael died in a military hospital in late 1917, while in Germany; shortly thereafter, Arthur snuck into the army at the tender age of 15. He was killed at Canal du Nord in October 1918, leaving Eli to be raised alone by his mother.

A major turning point occurred in 1921, when he was stricken with Influenza. Unsure what else to do, and half-mad from all the losses in her life, Lisa smuggled herself and her son across the border into Illinois and settled down in Springfield for better treatment. Eli eventually got better, and after being taken care of for so long and dragged about, vowed to be at the forefront of whatever was going on, to be a leader and a doer. He pushed himself hard in school and work, and frequently went days on a scant few hours of sleep.

His mother died when he was 19 from cancer. He moved south, to Cairo, and attempted to start his own farm, but found that the work he used to apply himself so diligently to bored him. He began to become enamored of planes and movies, and vowed to become an ace pilot, fighting piracy wherever it presented itself. He befriended a local who owned a crop duster and learned from him, eventually taking steps to be put on the roster as a race pilot.

Eli has a deep and abiding love of talkies, radio, newspapers — anything to do with current affairs and communication. He is a bit of a showman and tends to exaggerate, but he means well. His one goal in life is to win first place in a race, and to do that he needs a good plane and some more worldly experience, which he hopes the McCormick Group can provide. He also has a secret wish to become a movie star. He's friendly and honest, but sees no problem with lying if it will give people a good story to hear, or tell to their friends later.

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