Curtis Wright J2 Fury

The J2 Fury—a perennial favorite of the Black Swan’s forces is the latest aircraft developed by the firm founded by the modern "fathers of flight": the Wright Brothers.

The Fury is of more traditional design that many of its counterparts: it uses a conventional tractor (or "puller") prop, rather than the pusher prop that has become a favorite design flourish of many other aircraft firms.

Curtiss-Wright developed the Fury to meet the increasing demand for air power in North America, a demand that surged dramatically after the fracturing of the United States.

Propelled by a 14-cylinder Wright R-1800-C engine, the Fury is capable of reaching 250 m.p.h. while retaining maneuverability. However, the craft is nose-heavy and can stall at speeds typically considered safe; the Fury is not a plane for beginners. (Curtiss-Wright made an attempt to correct this problem with canard wings, though it was abandoned when the new design reduced overall maneuverability).

The Fury—to fulfill its intended role as a hard-hitting combat craft—is armed with a powerful .70-caliber Goliath cannon and four lighter cannons (a pair of .40-caliber cannons, and a pair of .30-caliber cannons). The massive Goliath, while capable of inflicting a great deal of damage, is prone to jamming however, forcing pilots to rely on the weaker .40s. Dum-dum and magnesium rounds are particularly effective at exploiting rocket-made armor breaches, and are widely regarded as a standard feature of the Fury.

The J2 Fury primarily operates as an interceptor, due to its mix of speed and armament. The Fury has also proven to be an effective anti-zeppelin craft (as the Goliath cannon allows for precise targeting of engine nacelles and gun emplacements).

Some groups also use the Fury in a ground-support role, attacking buildings and ground units. However, the need to dive at the target to bring the cannons to bear exposes the plane to return fire, and tends to result in excessive losses.

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