Blake Aviation Security

Blake Aviation Security—while not truly a national militia—is the premier aerial protection firm in North America. Founded by legendary playboy-adventurer Paladin Blake, BAS maintains offices in most North American nations (excluding the Disputed Western Territories and pirate-friendly Free Colorado).

Though other air security companies have formed (notably Sacred Trust, Inc.), Blake Aviation Security was the first—and is arguably the best—of the bunch. Paladin Blake (whose skill as a pilot is outstripped only by his public relations savvy) has become a fixture in the press and in entertainment media. Fictionalized tales of his exploits (licensed for a fee by BAS, naturally) have helped boost the company's public presence considerably.

All of the media hoopla surrounding BAS is not without cause, however; Blake only hires top combat pilots and supplements their skills by requiring training in hand-to-hand combat, zeppelin boarding, and marksmanship.

BAS forces fly a number of types of aircraft, varying from mission to mission (though Blake's personal squadron tends to fly a mix of Bloodhawks and Peacemakers).

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