Anko Mizuki


Player: Jay
Age: 27
Height: 6'1
Weight: 205


Anko was born and raised in Japan under the tuteluge of his father, Hiro, a general in the Japanese military. From an early age Anko was trained to shoot, fight, fly and hide via contempary and ancient means by his father and his father's asscioates. At 16 Anko left his estranged father to be out from under the discipline of his father. Anko left the country and was able to cross undected into England where he picked up some English. Through living on the streets of England Anko met up with some local thugs and eventually found work under an English mob as an enforcer. While his contacts in America are sparse and he isn't too familiar with the streets of America, he still has made some close friends in England who aren't the type of people who'd you bring home to mom. He spent the next 5 years as a mercenary honing his skills. After learning about the opprotunities to make money in America he joined up with McCormik where he continues to work as a marksmen and close combat specialist.

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